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The Beers

From the immortal words of Brewers who came before me: "Don't ever name a beer until after you have tasted it". Better yet, not until after you have won an award with it.


Stumblefoot Creekside Lager

Creekside Blonde Lager

This is a summer seasonal faire, light and crisp with that very distinct and pleasant lager finish. A wonderful introduction to craft beer or companion to any summer event. Now gluten reduced.
ABV: 5.0 %   IBU:28






Schwarz be with you... Black Lager
San Diego International Beer Festival 2013 Gold Medal Winner

Schwarzbier is a German style black lager. It is dark in appearance as the name suggests.  But it is a contradiction of terms. It is both light and black... really. It has the light mouth feel and crispness expected from a lager. It is very clean with a hint of dark roast. It may look like the Stout, but is very different. 
ABV: 5.0 %  IBU:28




Marzenbier:  German Inspired Amber Lager

Our Marzenbier is a German style Amber Lager. It is characterized by its medium body and delicious malt balanced flavor. It finishes clean and dry with a distinctive hop character.  It was made originally to celebrate Oktoberfest, but enjoyable year round. We stayed true to the German style with a lil' Stumblefoot twist.
ABV: 6.5 %  IBU:40




OG Grassyass IPA\


OG Grassyass IPA

Definitely a beer named after tasting it. This beer has a ton of dry hop additions and this gives this beer its big aroma and floral front. It also has enough early addition hops to give it the right amount of bitterness everyone expects from an IPA. Too much of either and this style loses its balance. I think we have stumbled upon a blend of hops and malts to create a very drinkable IPA. ABV: 5.5 %  IBU:88



Borrego IPA

This IPA has a big grapefruit character that finishes with notes of pine citrus and pinapple. It is hopped with large quantity of experimental hops! A big IPA rich in color.
 ABV: 7.5 % IBU: 99.   

Motueka IPA

Pronounced: (Mó too ekà)  Floral, resiny and dank are the first words that come to mind as I pour myself a pint. The nose of it hits me as I open the tap.  Balanced forward with lots of resiny goodness in the initial introduction and a dank but clean finish.  Very unique this New Zealand hopped IPA.
  ABV: 6.5 % IBU: 80Grassyass IPA

Muchas GrassYass Double IPA

When we set out to make the GrassYass IPA we wanted to set down a base line that we could then go right or left, up or down.  We are going up this time, way up with the help of an enormous late addition of fresh Centennial Hops.
ABV: 10 %  IBU:120

Apollo Double IPA

This is our double IPA offering and we have decided to make it year round. It is hopped with Apollo and Bravo hops. These are super high alpha acid types and we use copious amounts of these two through out the 90 minute boil. Because this is a big beer with lots of malt and alcohol character we are very generous with these hops in order to maintain balance that for us, achieves a level of smoothness you don’t always find in this style. It comes at you with a notable grapefruit like bitterness and finishes with fruity and floral aromatics. It may be pale in color but it’s rich in character at (8.5% ABV) and Stumblefoot Mojo Stout80+ IBUs.  

Back to Blackened IPA

Sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  I knew I liked it as soon as I tasted it. It’s a harmonic marriage of the Grassyass IPA and Red Dress Robust Porter   Literally. Which one is on top, that's always a negotiation. 
ABV: 7 ¾ %  IBU:75





Coffee Breakfast StoutCoffee Breakfast Stout w/ Mostra’s Brazilian Roast Coffee

We have taken one of our most popular and award winning beers and created a new varietal.  This is our Gold Medal Moho given it a new level of complexity with blending one of San Diego’s best coffee roasters.  By adding Mostra’s Brazilian roast we have created something you may want to have with your breakfast – but certainly enjoyable all day long.  Rich, roasty smooth – never bitter.
ABV: 7.6%


Moho Stout

Moho American Stout
San Diego International Beer Festival 2013 Gold Medal Winner

A recipe I've been crafting for several years. I think we have achieved balance. You can taste the roasted coffee, chocolate and caramel but none too much in any one direction. All of these complex flavors move like a marching jazz band. We have achieved such balance it's practically a Porter. There are notes of stone fruit in this as well as an abiding tribute to its alcohol foundation. Mmmm.
ABV: 7 ¾ %  IBU:42



Otay Chipotle Stout


Otay Chipotlé Stout

This beer takes the Mojo Stout as its base and kicks it up a notch. The flavors of this beer also have balance. Now you will also notice the smokiness and flavor of the Chipotlé pepper addition, not to mention a hint of heat as it goes down smooth. This is a recipe with an original chipotle mix from our brewer Pat.
ABV: 7 ¾ %  IBU:42



Imperial Dragon Kiss Stout


Imperial Dragon Kiss Stout

This is our Imperial Stout which we decidedly kicked up. This is a big stout with lots of Chipotle and Habanero peppers. It’s smokey and has balanced heat from front to back with lots of pepper flavor, chocolaty and bold.
10% ABV 300,000 scoville


Red Dress Robust PorterRed Dress Robust Porter - This is a dark, rich porter with an aroma of chocolate and caramel and a flavor that is both balanced and complex. A substantial, malty dark ale with a complex and flavorful roasty character.  We have brewed this again for our 1st Anniversary. 
ABV: 8 % IBU:45





White AleStumblefoot White Ale

A new style for us that is friendly and approachable.  Our White Ale is a wheat beer that is straw pale in color and a bit of Belgian on your nose.  A slight bit of coriander and zesty orange for the finish.  Very drinkable, very delicious. Our brewer has been clamoring to make this and it's his new favorite.  Make this your next beer, it may become your new favorite too.
ABV 4.5%


Stumble DubbelStumble Dubbel Belgian Style DubbelStumblefoot Brewing Co Barleywine

Our Stumble Dubbel is all about its Belgian roots. The combination of this style's yeast and malts make for a complex flavors. We often have people describing the orange, banana or clove we must have used making this beer. NOPE! These are all characters born from the yeast, malts and hops. ABV: 8 % IBU:22


Vixen Dunkelweizen

Vixen Dunkelweizen
San Diego International Beer Festival 2012 Gold Medal Winner

This is a German wheat beer style - The name reflects it's dark beauty and it's cleaver difficultness as a malty, refreshing wheat-based ale.  It reflects the best yeast and wheat character of a hefeweizen blended with the malty richness of a Munich dunkel. The presence of Munich barley malts gives this beer a deep, rich barley malt character not found in a hefeweizen. 
ABV: 6 %  IBU:23



Questhaven Sour



Questhaven Sour - The Questhaven Barrel Aged Sour is our first beer in bottles. This is something special. We have taken a beautiful amber ale and aged it for a year in sours bourbon barrels with apricots and peaches. This beer bring a huge nose of the fruit and a distinctive bret character followed by the tart finish.
ABV: 8.5 %





QuadRaven Sour - The QuadRaven Barrel Aged Sour boasts of a big fruit nose that blends stone fruit and other earthy aromas. We have taken a beautiful Belgian ale and aged it in oak bourbon barrels, which gives this beer its complex tart characters.
ABV: 11.5 %




San Elijo Sour


San Elijo Sour - The San Elijo Sour is a German Dundelweizen ale that we subjected to secondary fermentation and againg. It's a refreshing wheat based ale that has the slight tartness of a sour and the wheat character of a hefeweizen, with a deep, dark, rich character from the Munich barley malts. It's a nice malty start with a mild tart finish.
ABV: 6 %